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It's Been A Long Time.....I Needed To Leave You

It’s been about a year since I wrote my last blog post. Why? Well, I’m so glad you asked, I got STUCK. I polluted my mind into thinking that I did not have anything else worth sharing. However, I know that is farthest from the truth. Sometimes you have to get out of your own way before the villain of self sabotage takes over.

I FINALLY self-published my memoir last month. It was one of the biggest things I have done in my life. ‘Her Buried Secrets’, just like (the old blog site), is my baby. In my book I’m 1000% honest with the readers about my journey. If you have not purchased it, I’m letting you now get your cup because the tea is spilling hunni.

2019 has definitely been a year of new beginnings for me. I can say even though I’m terrified majority of the time, its still a roller coaster I’m enjoying.

I’m so happy I stepped away from blogging for a while. I needed to clear my mind and get back to the real TSJ. She needed to stand up and block her inner hater. So welcome back my old subbies and “hey gurl/boy” to my new ones.

Buckle up….its going to be an ahmazin ride.

roller coaster.jpg