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Good Advice From Bad People

Let me clarify what I mean by “bad people”, individuals that do not necessarily have their life on point. Like you look at that person and say, ‘who are you to tell me?’ You wouldn’t be standing in line to get advice from this person. That is pretty much what I mean by good advice from bad people.

I often take advice from individuals that aren’t ideal. I feel they are the best example because they know WHAT DOES NOT WORK. This is no shade at all. Listen, I am one of those bad individuals in some situations. However, I offer some raw and unfiltered advice. I like to believe that is why people come to me for my opinion.

God have a tendency to use people we would least expect to deliver a word. Honestly, I use to judge my associates and friends that tried to give me advice but was not in my situation. I had to let that go as I got older. When started to lend my ear to what they had to offer, I promise I was placed in a better position mentally.

Navigating through this adult life, we sometimes need daily reminders of how bad life really could be. Am I wrong? A glimpse of what I could be going through humbles me so quickly. I also am forever grateful for God’s grace and mercy. Everyday I get to start over and go harder at what I did not accomplish the day before.

All I’m saying is the next time someone offers their opinion that you do not feel is qualified, hear them out. You never know if God is using them to get through to you. You never want to miss your blessing because you think the message could never come from a “bad person”.