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Dear You Colourist....

If you haven’t heard about the drama Chris Brown has been in you clearly are taking a social media break. Mr. Back To Sleep himself has been in some hot water over lyrics in his latest song. The titled track “Need A Stack” Chris Brown says “Only wanna f**k the black b**ches with the nice hair”.

My timeline and IG stories have chimed in on their opinions of this line. Listen his fans and non-fans are in a whole rumble of sadden by his ‘colourist’ statement.

Personally I could careless about this man opinion on what “good hair” is. I mean really, we as women have our standards and checklist mapped out what we want in a man.

However, I’m curious to know if he is really that rude to women with a darker complexion. Yes he has the right to have his preferences. Is he really segregating the females by their skin tone sir?

It takes me back to my teenage years and the boys only liking the lighter skin females. I wrote a whole chapter about my experience in Her Buried Secrets.

While I do agree with some of the celebrities that I been coming to Chris Brown defense on the whole preference. How some, really most women do not want a short guy or someone that is broke etc. Being automatically placed in the ugly pile because you have darker skin is just, well…WRONG.

Oh yeah, you are probably thinking women need to have high self-esteem and not care what someone else definition of beauty really is. No matter high you value yourself….it still hurts though.

Will I stop listening to Chris Brown music? Probably not. However this recent story is a constant reminder that women with dark skin will never be good enough.