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Dear BET....

So you guys are nailing it this summer. First you had an amazing awards show and after show (Amanda Seales side eye is still iconic), now you have this show TALES. 

I will admit just like your shows in the past, I thought this one was going to be....well, wack sauce. I mean you had The Game, ruined that storyline. Then the first two seasons of Being Mary Jane was firah, but yeah I’m confused what happen there. 

Oh I can not forget Boomerang. That show is one of my favorites and I can’t wait for the second season. Basically since 2019 hit, you guys have been for the most part on track. *We won’t mention Games People Play” accept it’s just trash for many reasons. 

This TALES situation got me like dang, brothers fighting about who is daddy favorite and why this ninja take his brother girl? Just drama and I love it so far. 

The eye candy, Jimmy, oh yeah I don’t mind it at all. Shout out to Draya becoming a real actress or whatever. I mean she has come a long way from her Basketball Wives days. 

After doing some googling, I realize this was the second season. Who knew? 

No spoiler alerts, but the first episode was kinda of predictable. It’s almost always a chick setting black men up. 

Check it out, Irv Gotti got something.