Chloe aka Toni Morrison...The Queen of Literature

Back in 2006, I was working as a receptionist for real estate company in downtown Detroit. My office manager gifted me a book titled Sula. She told me I would enjoy it since she knew I love to read. I looked at the cover, seeing this black woman in a fancy hat, a fur situation around her neck and giving a look like do not mess me, I assume she was right. My eyes venture down to the bottom to read the authors name. Toni Morrison. The office manager ranted and raved about how amazing Toni Morrison was an author. She just knew that I would fall in love with her just as she did.

I became familiar with the name back in the 90’s by Oprah Winfrey. She would read Toni Morrison novels for her book club. The way Oprah would gush about Toni books was the same way my office manager did.

Honestly, I read the first chapter of Sula and put the book away. I was too young to really understand the masterpiece I had been gifted.

Now that I have hit my thirties, I can appreciate her work. Toni’s style of writing is poetic yet gritty. The attention to detail and how each word has its own power when read is indescribable. It would make any reader feel present in the story. I can only dream to reach the heights she has in her literature career.

I mean outside of writing, just the glimpse I got to experience via interviews and her recent documentary, she was a BEAST. The intellectual shade she would give regarding racism and black culture is unparalleled. Toni was the definition of unbothered and unapologetically herself at all times. The pioneer for women who walk in their truth.

The first African American woman to EVER win the Nobel Prize for Literature. LISTEN!!! Read that again…that in itself is why she is one of my hero’s. I have said it before, but I will say it again… Toni Morrison is bae. I already hold single parents on a pedal because they have one of the hardest jobs around. For her to raise her boys, hold down a career and write novels using borrowed time….superman has nothing on her.

Shout out to my old office manager for gifting me Sula.