Studio 51....I mean Area

Listen why do America have this new obsession with Area 51? Due to the fact I do not watch the news, most of my information comes from blogs or memes. I then do my research on the topic and WALA! So this sparked my interest because…well….stupid people need love too.

Now I heard rumors about aliens and clone making, but do we really want to see that? I mean, I would freak out if I saw a real life alien. Wouldn’t you? Then if they get the talking and start slippin all the tea, honey that is just too much for tv. Oh and lets not discuss a clone TSJ…..boy bye.

But honestly, what would possibly change your life knowing what the government is hiding? Exposing them for the huge frauds they are will not add anything to your existence. Personally I think it is just nosy people indulging.

There is a large group, 1.4 million to be exact, that are willing to lose their life to see what’s poppin at Area 51. This in itself my friends is beyond me. Why do I say that you ask? Well because it is true my dear. I don’t know too much about President Trump, but I do know that man is about that LIFE. He will order a massacre with no hesitation. Most of those individuals will be laid out to dry if they get near the area.

So with that being said, I have a couple of questions I would like to ask the people who signed up.

  1. If y’all actually make it over there alive, what is the game plan?

  2. Will you start selling merchandise to make a profit?

  3. Please tell me baby nas x is not your ringleader.

  4. Who bright idea was this? Seriously.

  5. Can you make you sure it’s put on LIVE?

  6. Do anyone have a plan b?

Alright that is it for now. Safe travels in September or whenever this is suppose to go down. I’m positive President Trump is watching and waiting to light y’all up.