My Book Festival Experience

About three months ago when I reached out to the be one of the indie authors at the book festival, I never thought the night before how nervous I would be. My fear was starting the settled in and let me tell you it was making a cozy little home too.

I started to place a lot doubt on my ability to do the book fair. The fact I only have one book, I didn’t get all the things I wanted for my table, and I’m a super new author. With all this doubt in my head, I kept hearing “let your fear lead you”. I’m confident that was God talking to me. He knows one of the main things I struggle with is believing in myself.

So I prayed the night before and proceeded to get myself ready for the book festival. I already had my ensemble picked out, shout out to pintrest for the idea. I did my hair in this cute high bun. Of course in the morning I slayed my makeup baby.

I got on the road, played my ‘Make It Happen’ playlist and just thought nothing but positive thoughts. Once I arrived I realized how small the space was. It was actually more smaller than I imaged. However, that was not necessarily a bad thing.

I checked in and took my things to my table to set up. I was partnered next to an author who writes children books. I thought it was awesome that they mixed up the genres. She was very lovely and we giggled the whole time.

My nerves started to go down a little more after I set up my table. I noticed out of the 40 authors that were there, a lot were in the same boat as me (one book & just starting out) or did not have a lot of merch.

It’s like one of the purposes of my book, Her Buried Secrets, is to help people realized you are not the only person that has experienced something. Also you and someone else could be in the same boat, it makes you feel better.

All in all, the festival was a success. My family and friends came out to support me. That feeling is beyond amazing. Just to have a team like I have, they support you no matter what, it is definitely a priceless feeling. Also I was able to network with a lot of different authors.

I’m looking forward to my next event. I planned to do a little reading too.

Tiffany Johnson