4 Ways To Start Living A Dope Life....

I’m currently writing my second book titled “You’re Not Okay, And That’s OKAY! The Ultimate Guide to Reinvent Your Happiness” , when I thought why not provide a cheat sheet for dope-ness.

Everyday in this world of adulthood we are face with different challenges that can potentially knock us down. I do not know about you but I have been so low in life that I thought about giving up. But GOD! His love for us is greater than what we have for ourselves. So let’s keep on pushing!

With all that being said, here your cheat sheet to start living a dope life….

  1. Keep God First

    This is pretty obvious, without Him in our life we are mess. Everyday, throughout the day, talk to him. Give thanks, give him praises, and just kick it with him. You have to make sure your relationship with Christ stays activate in order to live a dope life.

  2. Stop Overthinking Everything

    Just STOP! Go with that first thought and stop reading into every situation. This part will help you sleep well, become more present, and Mr. Anxiety will get his eviction papers. Are we always going to make the best decisions? Heck no! Good News… bad decisions are life lessons.

  3. Go For It!

    Whatever your “IT” is…do it NOW! Nothing is stopping you but YOU. Cliche’ right? But it is the truth. Everyone was born to do something impactful in this universe. Your passion is not only for you. Share it with the world. Start that business, go after that promotion, take that trip, quit your job, JUST DO IT!

  4. Do Not Forget to SMILE

Smiling is not to be confused with a fake smile. Nope, a genuine smile expressing your gratitude for being able to wake up. The fact you were given another day that was never promised to you. That type of smiling can kill any negative vibes INSTANTLY.

Now go ahead, start living your dope life…..