Chloe aka Toni Morrison...The Queen of Literature

Back in 2006, I was working as a receptionist for real estate company in downtown Detroit. My office manager gifted me a book titled Sula. She told me I would enjoy it since she knew I love to read. I looked at the cover, seeing this black woman in a fancy hat, a fur situation around her neck and giving a look like do not mess me, I assume she was right. My eyes venture down to the bottom to read the authors name. Toni Morrison. The office manager ranted and raved about how amazing Toni Morrison was an author. She just knew that I would fall in love with her just as she did.

I became familiar with the name back in the 90’s by Oprah Winfrey. She would read Toni Morrison novels for her book club. The way Oprah would gush about Toni books was the same way my office manager did.

Honestly, I read the first chapter of Sula and put the book away. I was too young to really understand the masterpiece I had been gifted.

Now that I have hit my thirties, I can appreciate her work. Toni’s style of writing is poetic yet gritty. The attention to detail and how each word has its own power when read is indescribable. It would make any reader feel present in the story. I can only dream to reach the heights she has in her literature career.

I mean outside of writing, just the glimpse I got to experience via interviews and her recent documentary, she was a BEAST. The intellectual shade she would give regarding racism and black culture is unparalleled. Toni was the definition of unbothered and unapologetically herself at all times. The pioneer for women who walk in their truth.

The first African American woman to EVER win the Nobel Prize for Literature. LISTEN!!! Read that again…that in itself is why she is one of my hero’s. I have said it before, but I will say it again… Toni Morrison is bae. I already hold single parents on a pedal because they have one of the hardest jobs around. For her to raise her boys, hold down a career and write novels using borrowed time….superman has nothing on her.

Shout out to my old office manager for gifting me Sula.

My Hot Girl Summer....

The hashtag “hot girl summer” was created by Meg aka Megan thee Stallion. Due to the fact I’m in my early thirties and still keep any music from the late 80s to the early 2000s on repeat as if it just came out, I’m completely out the loop on knowing who sis is really. I do however love the hashtag and the whole movement women have been doing this summer. They are completely living and loving the skin they are in now.

Almost every chica IG page is poppin with a catchy caption followed by the hashtag hot girl summer. Of course with anything liberating online, here comes the haters. Mostly men saying how we need to focus on x,y, and z instead of having a HGS. That is bull crap and I will not stand for it…AT ALL.

This year I made the hard decision to live below my means. I’m planning and saving for two big purchases the beginning on 2020. So I did not have a lot of trips planned this year like I usually do. Taking my yearly trip to Miami was the BIG trip of the year for me. In order to prepare for this trip, I was going to workout, eat right, and try to lose these pesky 20 lbs. However, July hit and I was still holding on tight to the weight.

Knowing my trip was less than three weeks away, I decided to do something different. Embrace all my curves, tiger strips, and rolls for this vacation. If you read my book Her Buried Secrets you will know I battled with low self esteem when I was younger. Honestly, I have to constantly remind myself I’m baddie to reframe from that toxic mindset.

Instead of getting a bunch of coverups or one pieces to camouflage the weight I was holding. I ditch that idea and started to map out my vacation wardrobe.

I packed all my hot girl outfits I purchased last year from Fashion Nova. Yup, they still had tags on them and all. Why couldn’t I wear them again? Oh because my little belly fat…..naw I’m about to get my whole life this trip. Listen my whole wardrobe was short bodycon dresses, two pieces, and shorts. Who going to check me boo?

I’m so happy I decided to live my best hot girl summer life in Miami. I really fell completely in love with TSJ all over again. I finally stopped working towards trying to be perfect and started embracing where I am now in my weight loss journey.

Being a hot girl this summer was more mental than physical for me. I know, I know, Megan was like chase that bag and not worry about no man. I’m with that too sis. Listen, I’m all about building, wealth, and health.

I did post some thirst traps on my IG page too though. Listen forever a tease….

Studio 51....I mean Area

Listen why do America have this new obsession with Area 51? Due to the fact I do not watch the news, most of my information comes from blogs or memes. I then do my research on the topic and WALA! So this sparked my interest because…well….stupid people need love too.

Now I heard rumors about aliens and clone making, but do we really want to see that? I mean, I would freak out if I saw a real life alien. Wouldn’t you? Then if they get the talking and start slippin all the tea, honey that is just too much for tv. Oh and lets not discuss a clone TSJ…..boy bye.

But honestly, what would possibly change your life knowing what the government is hiding? Exposing them for the huge frauds they are will not add anything to your existence. Personally I think it is just nosy people indulging.

There is a large group, 1.4 million to be exact, that are willing to lose their life to see what’s poppin at Area 51. This in itself my friends is beyond me. Why do I say that you ask? Well because it is true my dear. I don’t know too much about President Trump, but I do know that man is about that LIFE. He will order a massacre with no hesitation. Most of those individuals will be laid out to dry if they get near the area.

So with that being said, I have a couple of questions I would like to ask the people who signed up.

  1. If y’all actually make it over there alive, what is the game plan?

  2. Will you start selling merchandise to make a profit?

  3. Please tell me baby nas x is not your ringleader.

  4. Who bright idea was this? Seriously.

  5. Can you make you sure it’s put on LIVE?

  6. Do anyone have a plan b?

Alright that is it for now. Safe travels in September or whenever this is suppose to go down. I’m positive President Trump is watching and waiting to light y’all up.

Dear BET....

So you guys are nailing it this summer. First you had an amazing awards show and after show (Amanda Seales side eye is still iconic), now you have this show TALES. 

I will admit just like your shows in the past, I thought this one was going to be....well, wack sauce. I mean you had The Game, ruined that storyline. Then the first two seasons of Being Mary Jane was firah, but yeah I’m confused what happen there. 

Oh I can not forget Boomerang. That show is one of my favorites and I can’t wait for the second season. Basically since 2019 hit, you guys have been for the most part on track. *We won’t mention Games People Play” accept it’s just trash for many reasons. 

This TALES situation got me like dang, brothers fighting about who is daddy favorite and why this ninja take his brother girl? Just drama and I love it so far. 

The eye candy, Jimmy, oh yeah I don’t mind it at all. Shout out to Draya becoming a real actress or whatever. I mean she has come a long way from her Basketball Wives days. 

After doing some googling, I realize this was the second season. Who knew? 

No spoiler alerts, but the first episode was kinda of predictable. It’s almost always a chick setting black men up. 

Check it out, Irv Gotti got something. 

Dear You Colourist....

If you haven’t heard about the drama Chris Brown has been in you clearly are taking a social media break. Mr. Back To Sleep himself has been in some hot water over lyrics in his latest song. The titled track “Need A Stack” Chris Brown says “Only wanna f**k the black b**ches with the nice hair”.

My timeline and IG stories have chimed in on their opinions of this line. Listen his fans and non-fans are in a whole rumble of sadden by his ‘colourist’ statement.

Personally I could careless about this man opinion on what “good hair” is. I mean really, we as women have our standards and checklist mapped out what we want in a man.

However, I’m curious to know if he is really that rude to women with a darker complexion. Yes he has the right to have his preferences. Is he really segregating the females by their skin tone sir?

It takes me back to my teenage years and the boys only liking the lighter skin females. I wrote a whole chapter about my experience in Her Buried Secrets.

While I do agree with some of the celebrities that I been coming to Chris Brown defense on the whole preference. How some, really most women do not want a short guy or someone that is broke etc. Being automatically placed in the ugly pile because you have darker skin is just, well…WRONG.

Oh yeah, you are probably thinking women need to have high self-esteem and not care what someone else definition of beauty really is. No matter high you value yourself….it still hurts though.

Will I stop listening to Chris Brown music? Probably not. However this recent story is a constant reminder that women with dark skin will never be good enough.

My Book Festival Experience

About three months ago when I reached out to the be one of the indie authors at the book festival, I never thought the night before how nervous I would be. My fear was starting the settled in and let me tell you it was making a cozy little home too.

I started to place a lot doubt on my ability to do the book fair. The fact I only have one book, I didn’t get all the things I wanted for my table, and I’m a super new author. With all this doubt in my head, I kept hearing “let your fear lead you”. I’m confident that was God talking to me. He knows one of the main things I struggle with is believing in myself.

So I prayed the night before and proceeded to get myself ready for the book festival. I already had my ensemble picked out, shout out to pintrest for the idea. I did my hair in this cute high bun. Of course in the morning I slayed my makeup baby.

I got on the road, played my ‘Make It Happen’ playlist and just thought nothing but positive thoughts. Once I arrived I realized how small the space was. It was actually more smaller than I imaged. However, that was not necessarily a bad thing.

I checked in and took my things to my table to set up. I was partnered next to an author who writes children books. I thought it was awesome that they mixed up the genres. She was very lovely and we giggled the whole time.

My nerves started to go down a little more after I set up my table. I noticed out of the 40 authors that were there, a lot were in the same boat as me (one book & just starting out) or did not have a lot of merch.

It’s like one of the purposes of my book, Her Buried Secrets, is to help people realized you are not the only person that has experienced something. Also you and someone else could be in the same boat, it makes you feel better.

All in all, the festival was a success. My family and friends came out to support me. That feeling is beyond amazing. Just to have a team like I have, they support you no matter what, it is definitely a priceless feeling. Also I was able to network with a lot of different authors.

I’m looking forward to my next event. I planned to do a little reading too.

Tiffany Johnson
Good Advice From Bad People

Let me clarify what I mean by “bad people”, individuals that do not necessarily have their life on point. Like you look at that person and say, ‘who are you to tell me?’ You wouldn’t be standing in line to get advice from this person. That is pretty much what I mean by good advice from bad people.

I often take advice from individuals that aren’t ideal. I feel they are the best example because they know WHAT DOES NOT WORK. This is no shade at all. Listen, I am one of those bad individuals in some situations. However, I offer some raw and unfiltered advice. I like to believe that is why people come to me for my opinion.

God have a tendency to use people we would least expect to deliver a word. Honestly, I use to judge my associates and friends that tried to give me advice but was not in my situation. I had to let that go as I got older. When started to lend my ear to what they had to offer, I promise I was placed in a better position mentally.

Navigating through this adult life, we sometimes need daily reminders of how bad life really could be. Am I wrong? A glimpse of what I could be going through humbles me so quickly. I also am forever grateful for God’s grace and mercy. Everyday I get to start over and go harder at what I did not accomplish the day before.

All I’m saying is the next time someone offers their opinion that you do not feel is qualified, hear them out. You never know if God is using them to get through to you. You never want to miss your blessing because you think the message could never come from a “bad person”.

4 Ways To Start Living A Dope Life....

I’m currently writing my second book titled “You’re Not Okay, And That’s OKAY! The Ultimate Guide to Reinvent Your Happiness” , when I thought why not provide a cheat sheet for dope-ness.

Everyday in this world of adulthood we are face with different challenges that can potentially knock us down. I do not know about you but I have been so low in life that I thought about giving up. But GOD! His love for us is greater than what we have for ourselves. So let’s keep on pushing!

With all that being said, here your cheat sheet to start living a dope life….

  1. Keep God First

    This is pretty obvious, without Him in our life we are mess. Everyday, throughout the day, talk to him. Give thanks, give him praises, and just kick it with him. You have to make sure your relationship with Christ stays activate in order to live a dope life.

  2. Stop Overthinking Everything

    Just STOP! Go with that first thought and stop reading into every situation. This part will help you sleep well, become more present, and Mr. Anxiety will get his eviction papers. Are we always going to make the best decisions? Heck no! Good News… bad decisions are life lessons.

  3. Go For It!

    Whatever your “IT” is…do it NOW! Nothing is stopping you but YOU. Cliche’ right? But it is the truth. Everyone was born to do something impactful in this universe. Your passion is not only for you. Share it with the world. Start that business, go after that promotion, take that trip, quit your job, JUST DO IT!

  4. Do Not Forget to SMILE

Smiling is not to be confused with a fake smile. Nope, a genuine smile expressing your gratitude for being able to wake up. The fact you were given another day that was never promised to you. That type of smiling can kill any negative vibes INSTANTLY.

Now go ahead, start living your dope life…..

It's Been A Long Time.....I Needed To Leave You

It’s been about a year since I wrote my last blog post. Why? Well, I’m so glad you asked, I got STUCK. I polluted my mind into thinking that I did not have anything else worth sharing. However, I know that is farthest from the truth. Sometimes you have to get out of your own way before the villain of self sabotage takes over.

I FINALLY self-published my memoir last month. It was one of the biggest things I have done in my life. ‘Her Buried Secrets’, just like (the old blog site), is my baby. In my book I’m 1000% honest with the readers about my journey. If you have not purchased it, I’m letting you now get your cup because the tea is spilling hunni.

2019 has definitely been a year of new beginnings for me. I can say even though I’m terrified majority of the time, its still a roller coaster I’m enjoying.

I’m so happy I stepped away from blogging for a while. I needed to clear my mind and get back to the real TSJ. She needed to stand up and block her inner hater. So welcome back my old subbies and “hey gurl/boy” to my new ones.

Buckle up….its going to be an ahmazin ride.

roller coaster.jpg