Turn your wounds into wisdom.
— Oprah

Most know her as TSJ or SincerelyUrsTSJ to the social media world, Tiffany S. Johnson is a self-published author, blogger and mentor to teen girls with an obsession with all things pertaining to Christ, love, music, relationships and black culture. You can find her giving self love/care tips on the blog and highlights from the mentoring work she does on her instagram/facebook.

TSJ is the author of , Her Buried Secrets, a memoir about her life events and her relationship with Christ. (She wrote in 30 Days!!!)

As a mentor, she works with teenage girls between the ages of 12-17 years old at the Girls Destined For Greater mentor program. She helps provide them with the fundamentals of being a well rounded teenager.

Tiffany’s different commentary on her previous podcast Melanin Queenz, old blog SincerelyUrsTSJ.com, business meetings, dinner-talks on relationships and current events will lead her to various speaking engagements, including panels. 

She currently lives in Metro-Detroit where she is writing her second-book, “You’re Not Okay, And That’s OKAY! The Ultimate Guide to Reinvent Your Happiness”